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Welcome to my site, I am using it as a great opportunity to show the things I do and maybe someone will be interested, and a way learn the basics of programming, I am 21 years old, below you will read a little about me, I will try to make the site organized as possible, but I am a disorganized person by nature, my primary language is not English, so there will be some mistakes, I will avoid them.

About me : I was born in a south america country, my ancestors probably fled from some war in europe since i'am white and my grand parents spoke polish, when they arrived here continued living as peasants and laborers, and so do my family nowdays, we are poor/"lower middle class" simple folk, since childhood I was curious, read a loot of shitty nerdkid magazines, when I had access to the internet in 2011 or 2012 curiosity became a drug to me.

I loved to read wikipedia articles even though i don't understood almost nothing and watch random videos, when I discovered games another drug was discovered by me, but I talk about it in GAMES, I was always a bad student, in the sense of discipline and behavior, no matter how good my grades were I always did something stupid that messed up my life in school, I failed twice during my school period, for lack of attendance and grades, i fucking hate math.

When I turned 18 I was forced to serve in the army, i faced another world, I got a good physical, I was getting paid more than i was in informal jobs, even though the army is a corrupt and nepotistic institution, the sense of camaraderie is very strong, your comrades really cared for you, they helped you anyway they could, with time started to saw them as brothers, it was something I had never seen before, the people I met, the teachings about self control and believing in yourselfm things that marked me.

They showed me that I don't deserve a sad life like most of the people i know, live all my life in a factory, have an old car and a cold wooden house, If i try hard enought i deserve more, the army finished my studies, and when I got out, stayed about one year studying, I applied for an entrance exam and despite the odds against me, I passed in the top ten, though I was one of the few poor people in the university.

Nowadays I study and i'am after a job, I do several hobbies, with this site maybe becoming one of them

congratulations if you read all this, I hope you did not think I am autistic, I really have trouble expressing myself, especially in texts, but overall thanks you for reading about the life of a stranger on the internet.